Exciting Collaboration in Spain for INTA Argentina’s in Se4all

We are delighted to announce that Roxana Paez and Leticia E. Toselli from #INTA had a productive visit to PRUAB at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the research laboratory at the Veterinary Faculty of UAB as part of their secondment under the #h2020 Se4allproject.eu. 🌿🔬
During their seconments , Roxana and Leticia explored innovative research avenues focused on Se-enriched edible plants, aiming to address crucial nutritional challenges. The project specifically aims to produce Se-enriched dairy products and cheese as functional foods, leveraging Se-biofortified alfalfa hay for feeding milking cows. 🥛🧀 To ensure the effective transferability of the methodology to different regions, the project adopts a unique approach by applying Se directly to the plant through foliar application rather than to the soil. This innovative technique holds promise for enhancing the nutritional value of dairy products and cheese, providing a sustainable solution to overcome Se deficiency in the diet. 💡🌾 The collaboration with PRUAB and the research laboratory at the Veterinary Faculty of UAB adds valuable expertise and resources to the project. Through this partnership, Roxana, Leticia, and the local research teams aim to advance knowledge, exchange best practices, and conduct cutting-edge research in Se-enriched edible plants. 🌱🤝 This collaboration exemplifies the spirit of international cooperation and knowledge sharing under the H2020 Se4all project. By joining forces, we can collectively tackle nutritional challenges, promote sustainable agriculture, and improve human health and well-being. 💚🌍 Stay tuned for more updates as we progress significantly in our research and innovation efforts! Together, we are forging a more sustainable and nutritious future. 🚀🔬

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