Se4ALL 2nd International Workshop

Advanced Characterisation Techniques and Data Mining Strategies Applied to Food Science

Se4All project is excited to announce our 2nd International Workshop, organized by the University of Rome la Sapienza Department of Chemistry as part of the Se4All . the workshop is scheduled to take place on 24th January 2024, from 9:00 am to 13:30 CET. The event will feature discussions and insights under the title “Advanced characterization techniques and data mining strategies applied to food science.

The “Advanced Characterization Techniques and Data Mining Strategies to food science workshop” will held in university of Rome la Sepienza , focuses on optimizing the concentration and bioavailability of selenium in dairy products. The workshop aims to explore cutting-edge techniques and analytical methodologies in food science to enhance the understanding and application of selenium biofortification in the dairy industry.


  1. Enhanced understanding of advanced characterization techniques and data mining strategies in food science.
  2. Improved knowledge of selenium distribution and speciation in biofortified agricultural products.
  3. Increased awareness of AI-powered solutions for sustainable food systems.
  4. Potential identification of innovative approaches to optimize selenium concentration and bioavailability in dairy products.

Workshop Agenda:

Workshop registration:

Se4All Registration link

Target Group:

  1. Food Scientists and Technologists: To gain insights into advanced characterization techniques for assessing selenium bioavailability in dairy products.
  2. Agricultural Researchers: To understand the application of selenium biofortification in agricultural products and its impact on dairy production.
  3. Data Analysts and Technologists: To explore the integration of AI-powered solutions in optimizing food systems and bioavailability of selenium.
  4. Industry Professionals in Dairy and Food Processing: To learn about effective strategies for enhancing the bioavailability of selenium and its implications for sustainable dairy production.

Workshop location :

Department of Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome

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