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From Bytes to Bites: Technology and Data in Modern Food Science

Se4All project is excited to announce our Science Cafe, organized by the University of Rome la Sapienza Department of Chemistry as part of the Se4All. the event is scheduled to take place on 24th January 2024, from 18:00 pm to 19:00 CET. The event will feature discussions and insights under the title “From Bytes to Bites: Technology and Data in Modern Food Science”.

S e 4 A l l S p e a k e r

Prof. Federico Marini, Sapienza University, Italy

Professor Marini received his Ph.D. in 2004 from the University of Rome La Sapienza, after completing a Marie Curie scholarship in Slovenia. He later became an Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the same university. Marini’s expertise lies in chemometrics, with over 150 international publications, and a book on the subject. He has received accolades, including the Young Researcher Prize from the Italian Chemical Society in 2006 and the Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems Award in 2012. Marini has served as a visiting researcher at several universities and research institutes worldwide. He also holds editorial positions in prominent scientific journals and is actively involved in professional organizations related to chemometrics and spectroscopy.

The Science Cafe event, titled “From Bytes to Bites: Technology and Data in Modern Food Science,” will serve as an engaging platform for exploring the intersection of technology, data, and modern food science within the context of the Se4All project. The session will delve into the optimization of selenium (Se) concentration and bioavailability in dairy products, employing technological advancements and research data to enhance understanding and application in the food science domain. The event aims to foster insightful discussions and knowledge exchange among participants, facilitated by esteemed speaker Prof. Federico Marini from Sapienza University, Italy, who brings a wealth of expertise in the field.

Outcomes and Target Audience:
The Science Cafe endeavors to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Knowledge Exchange: The event aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and insights among researchers, industry professionals, and stakeholders involved in food science, nutrition, and related fields.
  2. Awareness Building: Through Prof. Federico Marini’s expert presentation, the event will raise awareness about the significance of optimizing Se concentration in dairy products and its potential impact on nutrition and food technology.
  3. Collaboration Opportunities: The Science Cafe seeks to cultivate opportunities for collaboration and partnerships among participants, encouraging the exploration of innovative approaches and best practices in Se optimization within the dairy industry.
  4. Target Audience: The event is tailored for professionals, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of food science, nutrition, agriculture, and technology, including representatives from academia, industry, and relevant organizations. Additionally, stakeholders with an interest in sustainable food production and nutrition are encouraged to participate.

Se4All Science Cafe brochure

Science Cafe Registration

Science cafe location:

Department of Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome

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