Strengthening International Collaboration in the Cheese Industry: A Successful Se4All Secondment Story

In today’s globalized world, the international collaboration plays a crucial role in the sectors development. One of example is the Dairy Industry, where an insightful secondment program between Beal Organic Cheese (Ireland) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has proven to be a rewarding experience. Over the course of one month, Kate Carmody from Beal Organic Cheese immersed herself in the world of cheese production, building valuable skills and knowledge, while also collaborating with Dr Fernando Muñoz from UNL (Argentina). This article highlights the outcomes of this secondment and the subsequent meetings held to further enhance the project’s progress.

Kate’s Secondment at the UAB focused on Work Package (WP3), which involved her training with the Food Technology group. Under their guidance, Kate acquired in-depth knowledge of making mature cheese, specifically Spanish Manchego Cheese. This hands-on training allowed her to gain insights into different production techniques, quality control measures, and innovative approaches for the production of high-quality cheese. The exchange of expertise and knowledge between Beal Organic Cheese and UAB has further strengthened the global cheese industry.

Beyond the training aspect, Kate’s secondment provided an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing with Dr Fernando Muñoz from UNL. His arrival marked the beginning of a three-month secondment at UAB, allowing for fruitful discussions and brainstorming sessions. These interactions facilitated the exchange of ideas, best practices, and technological advancements between the participants. Virtual meetings with partners from INTA and INTI were also scheduled, maximizing the project’s progress and ensuring effective planning for future steps.

The successful completion of Kate’s secondment and the subsequent collaboration with Dr Fernando Muñoz have yielded promising outcomes. The synergy between the expertise of Beal Organic Cheese, UAB, UNL, INTA, and INTI has opened doors to explore new avenues for the enhancement of cheese production. The knowledge gained during this secondment will not only benefit Beal Organic Cheese but also contribute to the wider dairy industry, both locally and globally.

This secondment program showcased the importance of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in the cheese industry. By actively participating in this program, Kate Carmody from Beal Organic Cheese enhanced her skills, expanded her cheese-making expertise, and fostered international connections. The engagement with UAB and the subsequent involvement of Dr Fernando Muñoz have laid the foundation for future collaboration and have set the project on the path to success. Such partnerships are instrumental in driving the growth, innovation, and sustainability of the international cheese industry.

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