The Project

WP1 - Design & optimization of the combined selenium and plant bio-stimulant treatment for foliar application

Determine which coadjuvant formulation has the best cuticle penetration efficiency in alfalfa;  Analyze the tolerance of alfalfa to different concentrations of selenium salts applied foliarly in presence of the plant bio-stimulant;  Manufacture the final formula for application in open-field

WP2 - Open-field application and cows feeding

Open field cultivation of Se-enriched alfalfa;  Cow feeding and production of Se-enriched milk;  Analysis of Se in milk

WP3 - Milk techno-functionality assessment

Asses the technofunctionality of Se-enriched milk; Elaboration of Se-enriched dairy products

WP4 - Bio fortified Food design and products development

Production of Se-enriched cheese. Consurmers’ study and sensorial assessment

WP5 - Dissemination, communication and exploitation

To ensure efficient and effective dissemination of results to stakeholders and promote further uptake of the results via
education activities. To ensure efficient and effective exploitation of results

WP6 - Project Management

To create a management framework, maintain overall consortium communication; Ensure achievement of theCproject aims within the time and budget set out in the technical annex; Ensure communication and coordination among the partners and with the CE; To set up and manage financial accounting records and reporting mechanisms; Quality assurance implementation to ensure project performance, impact and visibility