ALBA Chemometrics Event

SE4ALL partner ALBA is offering a chemometrics course, with a specific focus on the applications the analysis of spectroscopic data and hyperspectral images. This event is related to Prof. Federico Marini’s secondment with the SE4ALL project. The event will take place from 23 February (14:00 CET) – 24 February (17:00) at ALBA’s Tesla meeting room. If you are interested in attending, contact Inma Hernandez at 935924389.

From the ALBA website:

“The course will cover the basics of chemometrics with specific focus on the applications to the analysis of spectroscopic data and hyperspectral images. At first the concepts of exploratory analysis based on projection methods will be explained and exemplified, through the illustration of principal component analysis (PCA) as a paradigmatic technique. Topics such as traditional and fuzzy clustering will also be covered.

Successively, particular attention will be devoted to curve resolution methods and, in particular, to MCR-ALS, discussing the relevance of the different constraints in the definition of the final solution.

Lastly, the possibility of using spectra or images as the basis for the prediction of qualitative (regression) and quantitative (classification) responses will also be addressed.”

Follow this link to the ALBA website to add it to your calendar.

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