Innovative International Consortium Launches Se4All Project for Selenium-Enriched Dairy Products

Prof. Manuel Valiente Spearheads Multi-Country Effort to Enhance Nutrition through Biofortified Alfalfa

FIQ-UNL hosted Prof. Manuel Valiente, Director of “Se-bioFORtified ALfaLfa for Se-enriched Dairy products (Se4All)”. Prof. Valiente leads our consortium that brings together public and private expertise from across Europe and South America.

During his visit, Prof. Valiente met with Adrian Bonivardi from FIQ-UNL, the director of International Relations at Letiarcusin, Mirna Sigrist and Jonatan Schlotthauer from Prinarc.fiq. Mónica Gaggiotti from INTA EEA Rafaela was also present.

Se4All focuses on harnessing the potential of biofortified alfalfa to produce selenium-rich dairy products. This initiative not only aims to offer enhanced nutritional benefits to consumers but also strives to set new standards in sustainable agricultural practices and dairy production.

The focus of the meeting was exploring potential collaborative efforts between FIQ and UAB. This collaboration would contribute to the Se4All project’s goal of developing Se-enriched dairy products through Se-biofortified alfalfa hay for feeding dairy cows.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Se4All project progresses, promising to make a substantial impact on the dairy industry and consumer health.

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