Se4All Project Drives Innovation in Selenium-Enriched Dairy with Market Research Workshop

Barcelona, Spain – April 29, 2024 – The Se4All project, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to optimizing selenium concentration and bioavailability in milk and dairy products, hosted its pivotal “Market Research Training for Se4All Technologies” workshop at the Tecnologia dels Aliments, UAB in Barcelona. This workshop aimed to empower researchers, industry professionals, and farmers with the tools to successfully bring selenium-enriched dairy products to market.

Selenium, an essential trace mineral, plays a vital role in human health, supporting immune function, antioxidant defense, and thyroid health. The Se4All project seeks to address potential selenium deficiencies by developing innovative techniques to enhance selenium content in dairy products, a widely consumed and accessible food source.

The workshop delved into critical aspects of market research, including Consumer Insights – understanding the motivations, preferences, and concerns of consumers regarding selenium-enriched dairy products. Market Dynamics – analyzing current trends, competition, and the regulatory landscape for functional foods. Strategic Marketing – developing compelling messaging strategies that communicate the health benefits of Se4All technologies.

The Se4All project brings together experts from diverse fields, fostering collaboration and driving practical applications of scientific advancements. The success of this workshop underscores the project’s commitment to bridging the gap between research and the commercial sector.

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