Trial Shows Benefits of Enriched Fertilizers

Applying fertilizers enhanced with selenium and sulphur has been shown to boost levels of selenium in grassland by up to five times, and to increase grass yield by up to 11 %. These are the results of a trial conducted in three Farming Connect demonstration sites during the 2021 growing season in Wales.

In this recent article by “Wales Farmer”, the author interviewed Chris Duller, a soil specialist who provided technical support for the trial. He stressed the importance of raising the selenium status of forage through the use of fertilizers containing selenium in order to improve productivity and as an alternative to mineral supplementation and blousing.  


The results of his analysis showed that across all sites, in both fresh herbage and silage, the Booster fertilizer increased the selenium content by typically five times in fresh grass and by two or three times in silage and the yield benefits of up to 11 % on all three farms.

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