Se4all Project Celebrates the Release of Third Newsletter

The Se4all Project is pleased to announce the release of its Third Newsletter, which offers an in-depth look into the latest developments and initiatives within the project. As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable practices and innovative approaches in the energy and agriculture sectors, the newsletter covers a range of topics that emphasize the project’s achievements, partnerships, and upcoming events. Here are the key highlights from the Se4all Project’s third newsletter:

  1. Se4all Secondments: The newsletter showcases the collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange between Se4all partners through secondments. These secondments foster the sharing of expertise and best practices, further strengthening the collaborative network and promoting a culture of shared learning and growth.
  2. Innovative Achievement: The Se4all Project has been awarded the ENRICH in LAC 2023 Exploitation Booster for its outstanding innovative approach. This recognition underlines the project’s dedication to driving forward groundbreaking solutions in sustainable energy and agricultural practices.
  3. Official YouTube Channel: The Se4all Project is excited to introduce its official YouTube channel, which will serve as a platform for sharing insightful content, success stories, and engaging discussions related to the project’s key focus areas. The channel will also provide a channel for comprehensive updates and the latest news about upcoming events.
  4. International Engagement: The newsletter offers a special coverage of the Se4all International Symposium held in Argentina. This highlights the project’s global engagement and its commitment to fostering international dialogue and collaboration, particularly within the fields of sustainable energy and agriculture.

Moreover, the newsletter covers a special report on the Se4all Seminar, which unveils direct speciation and chemical imaging, shedding light on the innovative methods and advancements in optimizing the concentration and bioavailability of selenium in milk and dairy products, a key focus area of the Se4all Project.

The Se4all Project is committed to optimizing the concentration and bioavailability of selenium in milk and dairy products. The project emphasizes sustainable and innovative approaches, with the aim of fostering positive impacts on the energy and agriculture sectors.

Read our Newsletter.

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