Se4all Project Takes Center Stage at ENRICH in LAC 2023 Event

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03 November 2023 held ENRICH in LAC 2023 event witnessed the active participation of our project Se4all as part from ENRICHIN LAC, our project aims to Optimize the Concentration and Bioavailability of Selenium (Se) in milk and dairy products. This article serves to disseminate the achievements and insights gained from the event, highlighting the importance of business development and key components discussed during the agenda.

Importance of Business Development:

The ENRICH in LAC event emphasized the significance of business development for research and innovation projects. Se4all project recognizes that successfully commercializing their innovations is crucial for the broader impact and sustainability of their work. By focusing on business development, the project aims to bridge the gap between scientific advancements and market requirements.

Key Components of Business Development:
During the event, the Se4all project team delved into key components that underpin successful business development strategies. These components included technology characterization, commercialization roadmaps, lean canvas models, and identifying the target market for their selenium optimization solutions.

Technology Characterization:
Se4all project highlighted the significance of thoroughly characterizing their selenium optimization technologies. They focused on understanding the specific mechanisms that enhance the concentration and bioavailability of selenium in milk and dairy products. This characterization enables them to effectively market their solutions and assess their distinct advantages over existing methods.

Commercialization Roadmap:
To ensure the successful commercialization of their innovations, Se4all project is developing a comprehensive roadmap. This roadmap outlines the steps and milestones necessary to bring their selenium optimization solutions to the market. By addressing critical aspects such as intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and partnerships, the project aims to create a solid foundation for commercial success.

Lean Canvas Model:
The implementation of a lean canvas model was also discussed during the event. This business modeling approach helps the Se4all project team to iteratively validate their value proposition and business models. It assists in identifying customer segments, key activities, channels, and revenue streams, ensuring that their solutions align with market needs and are financially viable.

Target Market:

The identification of the target market is a vital aspect of business development. The Se4all project aims to understand the needs and demands of stakeholders in the milk and dairy industry. By identifying potential customers, including producers, processors, and consumers in different regions, the project can tailor its solutions to meet their specific requirements.

The participation of the Se4all project in the ENRICH in LAC 2023 event demonstrated their commitment to optimizing the concentration and bioavailability of selenium in milk and dairy products. Through a focus on business development, the project aims to bridge the gap between research and market requirements. By characterizing their technology, creating a commercialization roadmap, utilizing a lean canvas model, and identifying target markets, the Se4all project is well-positioned to bring their innovative selenium optimization solutions to fruition and contribute to the sustainable development of the milk and dairy industry.

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