The National University of Litoral researchers visit ALBA synchrotron

Prof. Fernando Muñoz and Micaela Stoffel from the National University of Litoral to ALBA synchrotron related to WP1 Analysing selenium content on alfalfa.

The Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) is a public institution dedicated to higher education, scientific research, technological development and the out coming of its activities to the local environment, including knowledge transferring to society in general and technology to the productive system. Since its foundation, UNL has contributed to society by providing quality education, defending democratic values, seeking and creating new knowledge linked to local needs, through various cultural, scientific and artistic productions and by training professionals with outstanding performances in the public, social life, artistic and regional production. It has a strong international profile based in 500 agreements with universities around the world, the reception of an average of 200 international professors and around 250 foreign students and the participation of more than 200 students and 90 faculty researchers of the UNL in academic stays in other countries. The UNL has campuses in five towns of Santa Fe province: Santa Fe city (capital), Esperanza, Galvez, Reconquista and Rafaela. The University has over 49,000 students between 74 Bachelor’s degrees, 29 Master’s degrees and 19 Ph. D. degrees. It offers studies in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Law and Social Sciences, Architecture, Design and Planning, Agriculture and Veterinary, Economics, Humanities, Biochemistry and Biological Sciences. In addition, UNL ‘s government structure has the Vice rectorate of Institutional Development and Internationalization located in the Rectorate building of the UNL. This area is responsible for planning and design strategies and activities to promote internationalization. Is devoted to programming activities in an orderly and systematic way to promote the continuous improvement of management processes for each area, such as: Administration, Communication, International Services Unit, Unit of International Student Exchange Program (PROINMES), International Agreements and Development Cooperation, Networks, International Project Management Unit and the Unit for International Relations and Foreign Languages.

Dr. Fernando Muñoz (MNGT). Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina (2012). He completed a post-doctorate with orientation in nanomedicine at the Institute of Biological Research-UNMdP-CONICET (2014). At present Chief of Practical Works of Plant Physiology at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, UNL and Researcher of CONICET. Supervisor of 2 PhD thesis. His area of interest is related to the increase of nutritional properties of plants through biofortification to help prevent the appearance of noncommunicable diseases and the lack of micronutrients by diet in the population. Coordinator of 4 Argentinian projects. Published 12 papers and one patent. 

Micaela Stoffel is a University technician in the postharvest of grains and seeds from the UNL (2017). Advanced student of Biology at UNL. The technician at the Laboratory of Research in Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology (UNL). Participates in several research and development projects. Autor of 4 congress presentations related to the nutritional properties of plants.

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