with venue in Cautano (Italy)

06/09/2018 – 12/09/2018


Cautano (IT), with its partners from PL,HU,CY,SE decided to plan this proposal to trigger the discussion on the problems connected with the negative impacts of crisis on civic participation and solidarity tissue at local and European level, so to allow cross-fertilisation of best practices and SE4ALLs and start more effective actions to improve solidarity among citizens and Member States and to promote youth social engagement for a better future. For this the main priority for SE4ALL is to discuss “Solidarity in times of crisis” and “Debate on the future of Europe” during an International Meeting in Italy (from 06/09 to 12/09/2018).

The General Objective is “To foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level” because solidarity’s the first driver for cooperation and because the engagement of youth is a step towards a tighter-knit EU. The Specific Aim is to “Encourage democratic and civic participation…developing citizens’ understanding of the Union policy making-process and promoting…societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at Union level” to avoid feelings of passiveness towards EU policies among young people, mainly in the financial-educational-employment sector and in the migrants management.





–  solidarity and inclusion policies at local and EU level

– exchange of best practices over solidarity and social inclusion and participation of youth

– promotion of European Solidarity

– recommendations and suggestions on actions to boost cross-border solidarity and youth engagement for the future of Europe

– opposition to negative propaganda, discrimination and euroscepticism

– enhancement of the knowledge about EU policy-making process

– promotion of EU programmes (Europe for Citizens, Erasmus+) and of the Europe 2020 strategy

– activities to foster integration and mutual understanding among citizens

– promotion of the new European Solidarity Corps initiative





– active involvement of youth, hard-to-reach groups, and people not involved at EU level before

– practical and innovative methodologies to assure a deep cooperation of all the participants

– direct involvement of PA at local, regional, national and EU level

– exchange of best practices and cross-fertilisation of SE4ALLs

– equal access and no discrimination of gender, religion, social or economic conditions

– European perspective of the themes tackled

– Democratic and bottom-up approach to foster integration and civic participation

– promotion of volunteering at EU level

– set of a network for future collaborations.