SE4ALL is born from the reflection on how after the years of deep crisis that affected Europe, many risks to social cohesion and solidarity tissue have arisen, mostly affecting Youth. The partners observed in their rural territory the erosion of youth participation by unemployement, cultural deprivation, negative propaganda, leaving space to feelings of closure that cause a risk to the social tissue of small communities. This proposal wants to create a fertile ground of discussion and sharing of best practices and polices in the field of Youth Participation, Solidarity actions and Future of Europe, giving voice to small communities at European level.

SE4ALL wants to result in a permanent network to foster democratic and civic participation at European level in rural areas.
SE4ALL’s activities are intended to share knowledge and know-how over channels of youth participation such as volunteering, civil society organisations, foundations, and to reflect how important is the role of the support of PA and EU policies in times of crisis to avoid the risk to jeopardize the social cohesion of small communities. The work will result in the cross-fertilisation of best practices and in the empowerment of strategies of resilience thanks to the internationalisation of local policies.


-Promote Youth Participation and Civic Engagement at local and European Level
-Promote Solidarity among States
-Highlight the importance of Youth in the social and solidal tissue of small communities and for the Future of Europe
-Involve PA and stakeholders at local, national and EU level to foster actions to overcome obstacles to youth participation
-Foster the knowledge about EU policies and policy making process
-Exchange of best practices on solidarity and existing SE4ALLs
-Set of strategies of resilience against external crisis
-Gather recommendations and needs from the local communities
-Signature of Friendship Agreement among the Partners


1 Local Meeting
1 International meeting